Silverstone CPD20L1-S with cabin


The premium model of CPD20L1 with improved performance.
With an AC motor on both the drive and lifting motors, you not only get a much quieter truck but also more power. The new robust mast construction provides good visibility for the driver. The new chassis, developed around the lithium battery, gives you high capacity in a compact format.

The CPD20L1-S has a very good turning radius and comes with safety features such as automatic speed reduction when turning.
CPD20L1-S, like all our lithium trucks, offers a short charging time, but unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, you can easily charge it during shorter breaks without having to let the battery rest afterwards.

Benefits of Model CPD20L1-S

  • 48V/360AH lithium battery (charger included)
    2-hour charging time with the possibility of fast charging
    More than four times longer lifespan for lithium compared to traditional lead-acid batteries
    4800mm mast as standard. Available up to 6000mm lifting height
    Cabin as standard
    Multifunction display with service settings
    Stronger mast with wide view
    Mechanical brakes

This warehouse truck is equipped with fork spreading, sideshift, cabin with heating, and solid tires.

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