Our forklifts with lithium batteries offer numerous advantages. Below, you'll find some of them:

Good for environment & health

  • Avoid all exhaust fumes and hazardous diesel particles with our new lithium forklifts.

Easy to maintain

  • 80% fewer moving parts than a forklift with a combustion engine, resulting in smooth service and low ownership costs. ZAPI control systems for seamless adjustments.

Cost reduction

  • Save money by avoiding battery replacements and expensive fuel costs. A lithium battery has up to four times the lifespan of a traditional lead-acid battery and more than 30% higher energy efficiency. The lithium battery is designed to last the entire lifespan of the forklift.


  • All models have a newly developed chassis designed around the lithium battery, providing some of the best legroom in the class.


  • No more checks or worries about water filling; lithium is maintenance-free. From 2 hours of charging time, and no paus needed after charging. A forklift with lead-acid batteries requires approximately 8 hours of charging time and a paus afterward. Lithium batteries also do not release gases during charging. You can even charge the battery up to 7% during a 10-minute break.

All our forklifts have Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LFP)

  • LFP is the safest lithium blend with high power density and a very long lifespan. It is more thermally stable than other cathode materials and does not catch fire during thermal runaway or external impact.

How environmentally friendly are lithium batteries compared to old lead-acid batteries?

  • Lithium batteries do not require air circulation in the charging room. Lead-acid batteries produce explosive gases during charging, requiring special charging stations. Since there is no acid, special charging stations with goggles, gloves, etc, are also unnecessary. There is no cobalt in LFP batteries. Cobalt extraction is associated with environmental destruction and poor working conditions. All our batteries are service-friendly with replaceable cells.