CPD35L1-S - Counterbalanced forklift 3.5 tonnes

A powerful forklift within a smart frame.

With AC-motor on both propulsion and elevation engines, you not only receive a considerably quieter forklift but also more power. The new and powerful mast structure provides a clear overview for the driver. The new chassis which is designed around the lithium battery offers you great capacity within a small frame. CPD35L1-S has a very good turn radius and comes with safety functionalities such as automated speed reduction during turns.

The CPD35L1-S offers, much like all of our lithium forklifts, a brief charging period, but unlike with traditional lead-acid batteries, you can recharge it with ease during shorter breaks, without having to consider for the battery to rest afterwards.

This warehouse forklift comes equipped with a fork positioner, sideshift, cabin with heating, and solid tires. * For available add-ons, refer to the final page.

Benefits of Model CPD35L1-S

Powerful enough to replace a diesel-engine forklift

80V/540AH Lithium battery (Charger included)

2 hours charge-time with the possibility for quick-charging

More than four times longer lifespan for lithium compared to traditional lead-acid batteries

Fingertip controllers as Add-on option

4800mm mast as standard. With up to 6000 mm lifting height

Cabin as standard

Multifunction display with service options

Mechanical brakes

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