CPD15LE - Counterbalanced forklift 1.5 tonnes


The World's tiniest 1.5-ton lithium forklift!

CPD15LE is a tremendously priceworthy, compact and smooth forklift for a smaller warehouse. But don't be fooled by the size, and the low weight, this forklift offers you everything that is expected of a 1.5 ton forklift!
With its short turn radius at 1535 mm, you can easily manage your freight within tight spaces.CPD15LE offers, much like all our lithium forklifts, a brief charging period, but unlike with traditional lead-acid batteries, you can recharge it with ease during shorter breaks without having to consider for the battery to rest afterwards.

HPS (hydraulic power steering) allows for smooth, and flexible steering.This warehouse forklift can be found with side shift, and solid tires. For available options, refer to the final page.

Benefits of the Model CPD15LE

48V/160AH lithium battery (Charger included)

2 hours charge-time with the possibility for quick-charging.

More than four times longer lifespan for lithium compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

*3000 or 3300 mm duplex mast

1535 mm in turn radius

TheWorld's tiniest 1,5-ton lithium forklift!

Multifunction display with service options

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